Jon is a writer and editor who specialises in hybrid forms, sequences and collaborations, a “poet of fantastic inversions” (Poetry London). His work has been published in The Sunday Times and performed on BBC Radio 4, as well as appearing in a number of British and international journals. He won an Eric Gregory Award in 2012 and the Poetry London prize in 2014 and 2016. He has been researching the interplay of poetry and digital games at UWE in Bristol since 2015.

“Voraciously experimental, precociously accomplished.” Poetry International

“Multifaceted, mega-fabricated, louche architecture.” Magma

Sidekick Books
Website: • Ongoing from 2009

Sidekick Books is a small press publisher started by Jon with Kirsten Irving to explore, publish and promote experimental, collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects. They publish exclusively multi-authored books, ranging from team-ups between poets and visual artists to compendiums featuring dozens of writers. Publications have mixed poetry with comics, critical essays, and astrophysics, and the major subjects of interest include ecology and technology. Their latest series, Headbooks, builds interactivity, visual and informational poetry into their oeuvre. One of the overall focus points of the press is to pioneer a major alternative mode of presentation for print poetry, outside of the single author collection and the retrospective anthology – one that is not so zero sum, and relies less on the celebrity and prestige of authors for its appeal.

related: Super Treasure Arcade and Core Samples are both limited edition Sidekick Books projects.

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