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Jon is a Derby-born, London-based writer, researcher and editor. His work has been published in The Sunday Times and performed on BBC Radio 4, as well as appearing in a number of British and international journals. He won an Eric Gregory Award in 2012 and the Poetry London prize in 2014 and 2016. He writes using a mixture of styles and disciplines, and regularly collaborates with other artists on physical and digital playthings.

“Voraciously experimental, precociously accomplished.” Poetry International

“Multifaceted, mega-fabricated, louche architecture.” Magma

(Happenstance, 2010)

The varying accounts of a parade of shadowy misfits, some in first person, some more scarecrow than others. Bringing them together: an emerging faith in folkloric prophecy and supersititon, since modernity has left them broken-hearted. A patient of laughingstock surgeon Serge Voronoff attests to his full recovery. Josef the golem abhors the daylight. Batman’s Jonathan Crane is regarded through the eyes of a henchman-for-hire, and the roles of exploitation actress Christina Lindberg assemble into one unwieldy monster-girl. Technological witches fall under suspicion, and the new Doctor Who might be a devil who walks the earth. Plus spells, lies, legends, and the mournful aubade of a salaryman waking from a Satanic orgy. All in 32 pages.

related: Three poems in this pamphlet are republished in School of Forgery.

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