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“Voraciously experimental, precociously accomplished.” Poetry International

“Multifaceted, mega-fabricated, louche architecture.” Magma

Jon is a writer, editor and researcher who specialises in hybrid and chimeric works: rough fusions of form and genre. His poems often concern, or embody, the intermeshing of organic and constructed, human and non-human, real and unreal. They are frequently game-like, remade from fragments of other works, or take the form of micro-fantasies and intimate examinations.

Poetry London have called him a “poet of fantastic inversions”, but such inversions are just one way of rethinking the poem as an object of readerly play and investigation. His work has been published in The Sunday Times and performed on BBC Radio 4, as well as appearing in a number of British and international journals. He won an Eric Gregory Award in 2012 and the Poetry London prize in 2014 and 2016.

He edits multi-author books that muddle the genre of the poetry anthology with handbooks, catalogues, guides and treasuries. He has also published academic papers in the field of game studies. A monograph, Dual Wield: The Interplay of Poetry and Videogames, is due out in late 2021 from DeGruyter.

(Broken Sleep, 2021) • 34pp

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A blizzard captured on photographic plate. But no ordinary blizzard. In the far north, a library stands fused with a towering ice shelf. As it melts, it turns into a storm of print – one which the ice pilot seeks to capture with her ancient camera. As she advances, she becomes ever more entombed in a tempestuous anthology.

Unravelanche is made up of ‘snowstorm poems’, or ‘snowems’: swirling collages formed from the billow and surf of other books, woven into a very short, very simple story.

“In The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen writes of a boy imprisoned at the north pole, who must form the word 'eternity' from fragments of glistening ice before escape is possible. Jon Stone's 'snowems' boldly create new stories out of a precipitation of literary fragments, transporting us into parallel library enclaves. Unravelanche is a subtle and brilliant unpicking of the archetypes of polar exploration.” – Nancy Campbell, author of The Library of Ice

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