“A poet of fantastic inversions.” Poetry London

“Multifaceted, mega-fabricated, louche architecture.” Magma

“Voraciously experimental, precociously accomplished.” Poetry International

Replaying Japan, Vol. 2: Frog Leaps In

I have an academic paper in vol. 2 of Replaying Japan journal, published by the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies, Kyoto. The title of the paper is ‘Frog Leaps In: Haiku and the Struggle For and Against the Natural World in Japanese RPGs’, and it compares the introduction of the character of Frog in the […]

Salt Poets at the Boulevard Soho, March 1st

I’m reading with five other poets on March 1st, at the Boulevard Soho in London, for a one-hour special from 4.30pm. This is a kind of comeback gig after a year off, so I’ll be testing some new material, including ‘Russian doll’ poems, where one poem fits inside another, and a ‘variable’ poem with lines […]

Modding the Waste Land: Intertextual Mutation Between Games and Poems

I’m presenting an extended abstract at the DiGRA 2019 conference in Kyoto this coming week, based on my practical PhD research. This is the final introduction/summary text:In Ludic Mutation: The Player’s Power to Change the Game (2012), Anne-Marie Schleiner describes how artists and players alike resist the mechanically and culturally imposed rules of digital games […]

Off the Page: Chapter Two

I’m doing a short talk this Saturday at the British Library, alongside Kirsten Irving, discussing our various experiments with interactive and gaming poetry and also touching on my own research into this area over the last three years.We’re on at 13.45, but as part of a packed schedule of speakers, including interactive fiction writer Emily Short […]

Strike A Light

Set myself a challenge over the weekend: write and build a ludokinetic poem for Bonfire Night. Problems with the Game Maker export module meant I couldn’t get a fully interactive version out until this morning, and it still doesn’t work on Safari or Silk browsers, but for everyone else, here’s a link to Strike a Light.